Phase 1, Day 14: Stretch & Release (aka Keep It Loose)

Congrats on finishing Week 2!

As you prep for Week 3, I hope you have your meals prepped and your body feels loose. Because I was on the road all day today, I’m simply doing the same menu this week that I had last week. Mostly because I have some leftovers and don’t have the energy to cook up something new.

Which is a point I’ve made before: Know your strengths. Mine is not cooking on the fly. Or really, cooking in general. So why make things hard on myself by not taking advantage of what I have in the fridge when meal prepping for the week? Exactly.

Also on that note, your body. If it doesn’t feel loose, or if you still feel tight or sore, I highly recommend taking time out of of your day to stretch. Especially use Autumn’s stretch and release video. It’s a good 15 minutes video to loosen you up. Do it in the morning, if you can. Then, at night, take another 10 minutes to stretch out. Or, at least, drop to your knee to keep those hip flexors loose. If you have to focus on one muscle group to keep from tightening up, the hip flexors would be it.

We do a lot of squatting and jumping and lunging and if your hip flexors are tight they could pull on your quads or hammies or back and before you know it you’re going to tweak something. If you do nothing else, do the runner’s lunge stretch in the morning and at night. Hold for 10-12 seconds each leg, then repeat.

At this point in the program, even if your body is sore, I hope you realize you CAN do it. You can do each and every exercise and complete each and every workout. You’ve already done it for two weeks. And you’re stronger now than when you started. So there’s no reason why you can’t finish it.

Keep that in mind as you start Week 3.

That’s all I got.

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