Phase 1, Day 16: Booty (aka Big Booty Pump)

Last week I blogged about the trouble with Booty day: There are times when you’re not sure if you’re doing the exercises right, or getting the most out of them.

Well, I’m happy to report that today’s booty workout kicked my ass.

What did I do differently? I double-banded with blue loops.

Let’s recap: Last week I talked about how if you didn’t feel as though the booty exercises were challenging enough, then it was up to you to either perfect your form or add another resistance loop. I wrote that post because I spent most of last week’s workout wondering if I should add another resistance loop to make it harder.

Which means that prior to today’s workout, I was looking over my tracking sheets and realized I had room for improvement. As this week’s booty workout focuses on one muscle group at a time, doing three sets of 10 before moving on to the next muscle group, I decided to go for it. I decided to double-band with blue loops.

First, whoever says you can’t get a workout with these loops has obviously never double-banded with blue loops and then tried to do clams. That shit is HARD.

Secondly, I knew I had finally found the right resistance when I was barely able to make it through the second set of each exercise. You know you have the right resistance/weight when you barely finish round two, but can feel your body has enough left in the tank for round three.

Here is me doing duck walks with double-banded blues:

Duck walk it out
Hate these things.

Are the bands too high up my thighs? Yes. And I had to pause the damn workout to readjust. But I didn’t STOP the damn workout.

Did I at one point worry I was going to have permanent bruises on my thighs thanks to the double bands during the last “moving” round? Yes. I absolutely thought I was about to have permanent loop tattoos. But I didn’t QUIT.

I find that booty workouts test my mind as much as my body because I have to really focus in on the area of my body I’m working, and in this Phase 1, I have to ignore the urge to just stop the workout because it gets a bit boring.

There, I said it: This one gets a bit boring. While I appreciate the opportunity to do half the workout on the ground, all the transitions and double-looping and unlooping make for some tediousness. Plus, I get tired. It’s amazing how even though this is a pure body workout, at one point, I almost threw in the towel because my arms were shaking too much to get the damn loops off my thighs. The workout feels long, there’s not enough movement in the exercises for me to be distracted by Donald’s hair, and loss of circulation is a constant fear.

But I have to tell you, when you make it through that final round of side lunges and sit down to take off the loops, it feels like you’re sitting on a basketball. Your ass feels HUGE, and just as they note in the video, you will spend the rest of the day checking out your backside in the mirror because it FEELS bigger. It feels like you got some big booty pump.

So if you’re still doubting whether this workout works for you. Throw on another resistance loop. Throw on ALL the loops. The burn is out there, but it’s up to you to chase it.

Speaking of the pursuit of happiness, let’s switch focus briefly and talk about nutrition. Tonight was a great test for the timed nutrition meal plan: I had dinner with my boyfriend at my parents’. My mom got this instapot and made this turkey tikka masala with brown rice and a green salad. I admit, I am lucky in that I was raised to eat healthy as a kid: The food my Mom made was low in fat, low in salt, and low in flavor.

However, even with my mother’s conscientious attention to what went into the food, no attention was ever paid to HOW MUCH we ate. I would say portions were an afterthought, but they actually weren’t a thought at all. We ate until we were full and then we ate another serving or four.

So tonight, I planned ahead. I brought my green, red, and yellow containers with me to portion out the food for my Meal Option 5 (last meal of the day). Thank God I did. There is something about seeing people in front of you scoop food onto their plate that makes it impossible to judge the size of what should go on your own. The portion of brown rice that fit into my yellow looked tiny compared to everyone else’s; same with the tikka masala and the salad. But because I actually filled up my containers then dumped the food on my plate, I knew exactly how much of each food I was eating. Which means I absolutely enjoyed my meal without worrying about overeating.

Did my parents make a comment about the containers? Yes, but only because they were curious about what a “proper” portion size looked like. Then they went back to enjoying the quadruple portions on their plates.

Don’t be afraid to plan ahead and pack what you need to succeed when it comes to food and this program; or really, when it comes to food and LIFE. I know I’m terrible at controlling my portions, so I removed the guesswork from the equation and made sure I had my containers handy so I wouldn’t overeat. I will tell you that if we eat out at a restaurant I’ve not been to before, the containers will likely make an appearance. Or at least, they will hitch a ride in my purse. Even just being able to eyeball a yellow as it sits in my hand is enough to remind me of what a portion size looks like. But for that to happen, I need to have it with me.

I hope at this point you are realizing your pressure points with the timed nutrition. Maybe it’s late night cravings or eating out; maybe it’s having to deal with working lunches; maybe it’s related to figuring out your pre-workout meal. Any way you cut it, I hope you are using these opportunities to find solutions instead of dwelling on the problem. If it means success, I hope you are the girl who brings her containers to the working lunch: “Yes sir, I am serious about eating healthy, which is why I brought my containers; imagine that same laser focus directed at helping you grow your business and you can see why I’m the perfect fit for the job.”

Figure out what works for you then go for it. Make no apologies. This is your life and your body and it’s your time to own it, damn it. Ride that big booty pump throughout the day and do what you need to do to make “it” happen.

Okay, that’s me off my soapbox. Tune in tomorrow for some more thoughts on cardio core. I, for one, am excited to see my progress.

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