Phase 1, Day 22: Booty (aka The One With ALL The Noises)

Oh Booty day, how you get me.

Every week in phase 1, I underestimate Booty day. It’s the one day of the week where I don’t have to go to the gym to work-out because none of the exercises require weights or jumping. Which means I get to sleep in an extra half hour before sweating from the comfort of my own home. Every week, I get set up with my loops and think, “How hard could this be?”

Turns out, when you’re double-banding with the blue loops, pretty damn hard.

First things first: Logistics. It’s two sets of 15 reps, and you do it each round at a time, which guarantees muscle burn out. So for example, in the first round, you do all three exercises in a row for 15 reps each, then go back through and do the three exercises in a row for 15 reps, then BOOM you’re done and you move on to the next round. No messing around in Week 4.

Also, in case I’ve neglected to mention it, unless you are a man or a woman with a huge range of motion, or have a lot of weight to lose (i.e. you have a larger frame), you will probably be sticking with the 6 inch loops for these moves. The larger 9 inch loops are helpful if you’re tall, however, for some of the moves. For me, I use the 6 inch loops for all exercises, until I get to hip hinge. Then, because I’m so tall, I switch to the 9 inch loop to allow for greater range of motion. I went back and forth on what size loop to use for hip hinge, and finally settled on the 9 inch ones because they feel more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the loop snapping mid-stretch and taking out an eyeball.

Because in Week 4, there’s a lot better stuff to worry about.

Like all the noises that will be coming out of your mouth.

Thank God I do this workout at home, because between the moans and groans and grunts and panting someone at the gym would probably call 911 for fear I was having a heart attack.

No No, that’s just me doing yet another set of leg lifts with double-banded blue loops.

As I noted last week, I finally figured out the right kind of hard for me when I double-banded with the blue loops. This week, even though I’d never done such double-looping for the 15 reps, I figured it was time.

To say my ass was on fire would be an understatement. My form was on the verge of terribleness, sweat was dripping down my face, and all body parts were shaking from fatigue. For the first time in one of Autumn’s workouts, I was so happy when we went from the floor to standing up –it meant I got to take off the loops and return circulation to my legs. Here’s me dying during the quad-ped exercises:

Leg Lifts
Burn out is imminent

The reason this workout calls for ALL the noises is because you will be making ALL the noises to simply survive. You are working very small muscles repeatedly. At a certain point, the only thing that keeps you going is loudly forcing air out of your mouth in direct proportion to how hard the muscle is working. Which means everything gets real loud, real quick.

Don’t be afraid to make noise. It helps with the pain and allows you to push through the fatigue. Do what you need to do to survive. If it means waking up the hubs and kids, so be it.

On that note, don’t hold anything back this week. Don’t save yourself for Phase 2. You won’t see these workouts AGAIN for the rest of the 80 Days, so now is the time to prove to yourself how much stronger you have become since you started. Now is the time to measure your progress with non-scale victories –they should be plentiful if you are working out and sticking with the timed nutrition.

NOTE, however, that this doesn’t mean you load up with a bunch of weight you’ve never done before. No. What it means is you listen to your body and try and gauge if it is up for lifting either what you started the program with, or a slight increase. Don’t go crazy just to prove you can. If you’ve only ever managed a yellow band in these Booty workouts, don’t jump to double-band with blues. You’ve never done it before; you’ll be setting yourself up for injury and failure. Instead, progress to the next natural step: The green loops.

Which leads me to one last point: You are going to want to order a fresh set of loops NOW. It is a good idea to have a spare set on hand, either for your use, or to have backups for when your loops develop tears or break. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that one or the other happens; you’ll be working the loops too hard to make it through with the same set. So bite the bullet and stock up so that on the day you notice that tiny tear in one of your loops, you’re prepared to simply throw it out and move on with the workout.

Not sure where to go to buy more loops? Clicking on the link HERE is a good start.

Okay, that’s all I got. Super excited for Cardio Core tomorrow. Last time through on Day 23, that is when I found my WHY. It’s when I buckled down and made a commitment to finish the program, even though life tried its hardest to force me in another direction. 80 Day Obsession is pretty much the only thing that got me through that time. Check back in tomorrow to learn more.

Until then, make some noise and love it!


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