Phase 1, Day 24: AAA (aka The One I Really Didn’t Want To Do)

I have previously documented my issues with Thursdays. It’s not Friday, I’m tired from the week, and the workout feels like a slog. This photo pretty much sums up my attitude:

What I’d rather be doing with those loops than those damn fire hydrants.

(Logistics: Week 4 of Phase 1 has you doing two sets of 15 reps in AAA, except you do everything a round at a time instead of going through all exercises then repeating. If you’ve been sticking with the workouts thus far, then you know the drill.)

I wish I could tell you that if you were to start 80 Day Obsession that any aversion you have to exercise will disappear; that 80 Day Obsession is that magic pixie dust that suddenly gets you motivated to slay every workout with all the energy in the world.

I’d be lying. As great as 80 Day Obsession is, you will still have days where you just don’t want to work out. Where, even though you know how much better you will feel after doing so, the last thing you want to do is lift something heavy when your mind has been doing mental push-ups all day.

Today, was one of those days. Pretty much the only thing that got me to the gym was changing into my gear at work. Once that happened, the only reason I headed to the gym was because I figured I was already in my gear so I might as well see how I felt once I got there. Once I got there, the only thing that had me pushing play was knowing I had committed to blogging about this journey for my zillions of loyal followers.

However, once I stopped procrastinating and actually pushed play, the hard part was over; I was pushing myself with heavier weights and getting a good sweat on, and with the exception of almost DYING during fire hydrants, I rather enjoyed myself. I always know it’s a good workout when I struggle to get the loops off at the very end. Where my arms are shaking so bad that the only thing I can do for a minute or two is lie there and hope no one makes me into a meme. Exhibit A:

The End
Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret. I mean Katie.

Similarly, you would think that the longer you eat healthy and clean, the easier it gets to eat healthy and clean, and the less cravings you would have for that which is not healthy and clean. EXCEPT THEN WHY WAS I CRAVING A MAPLE BAR FROM TOP POT DONUT ALL DAMN DAY. I didn’t have one, but damn did it sound good. I tried to trick myself into thinking my cinnamon seasoned mashed sweet potato was donut-like…surprise surprise it didn’t work.

Yet what always gets me is how easy it is to slide off the wagon. Even though you KNOW working out is good for you and you KNOW you’ll feel great after, if you miss that one workout, suddenly it’s New Year’s and you haven’t worked out in 7 months (yes, I have done this before). Even though you KNOW your body responds best to eating lots of veggies and fruits and protein and good carbs, if you go away for that wine tasting weekend with girlfriends suddenly it’s Christmas and you realize you’ve been having pizza for breakfast for the majority of your weekend mornings since Labor day (also done that).

My point is this: Why oh why, when we know what’s good for us, do our minds naturally incline towards doing what is so BAD for us? And I’m not talking about the super-willed creatures like my parents who never seem to be phased by home baked goods or Turkey feasts or mulled wine. I’m talking about the rest of us, who struggle with consistency every damn day.

I don’t have an answer. And even though this is the second time I’ve walked this 80 Day Obsession tightrope, sometimes I feel as though I’m one donut away from succumbing to my fat kid urges and eating my way through the summer. I have days where I literally don’t want to do what I’ve been doing since January 15, 2018.

So how do I fight it?

I make ridiculous commitments that force me to stay on track. Like writing this blog and journaling my journey (this is as much for me as it is for you, ya know).

I force myself to pack my workout clothes and put them on, even when (especially when) I don’t want to workout. Something about swapping my pumps for sneakers always reminds me how much better I feel after some physical activity.

But most importantly, I forgive myself when I fuck up. Because it happens. It’s life. It’ll happen a lot.

The difference is that these days, when I screw up, I give myself some grace and then move on. I don’t let it pollute the rest of my day or week. Which is a huge shift from the old me, when I’d use a fuck-up as an excuse to throw in the towel on the entire day/week/month/year: “Whelp I managed to eat that whole cake, so there goes the diet. Might as well close the books on 2018!”

If you are like me and struggle with maintaining consistency, first, as much as you can, make it a habit to exercise and eat right. Find what works for you. Figure out your tricks. If it’s putting on your gym clothes or laying them out the night before or packing your lunch the night before, do it.

And when you don’t do it and there’s a screw up, you can be disappointed in yourself, but don’t get mad. Just move on. Nobody’s perfect. Choose to measure your success by how you bounce back from your screw-up, not by the screw-up itself.

Once you do that, you will be strong enough to push play on those days when you really don’t want to. Like I did today.

That said, if you’re lacking motivation or need a kick in the ass, message me, or check out the usual link to Beachbody stuff to see if something there inspires you.

At the very least, know you’re not alone in this particular struggle. But choose to fight through. Choose to get ‘er done. The results will be worth it, I promise.

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