Phase 1, Day 25: Legs (aka Sweat, Smile, Repeat)

Autumn loves leg day.

I love Autumn.

Ergo, you would think I love leg day.

I don’t.

I do love that leg day is a targeted workout that accomplishes what it sets out to do: Turn your lower half into a jelly mess that makes climbing three flights of stairs to one’s apartment next to impossible.

I hate the whole turning into a jelly mess part.

The set-up of this workout should come as no surprise: You do each round of three exercises for two sets of 15 reps before moving on to the next round of three exercises. It’s a quick and dirty set-up that gets the job done.

And, because the job gets done so efficiently, on this day, Autumn *SPOILER ALERT* throws in a bonus round: One minute squat hold with a weight. Here is my face:

I can’t tell if I’m laughing or crying. Probably a bit of both.

No idea what I was doing there. All I know is it hurt, yet somehow my legs went DOWN LOWER throughout the workout instead of UP. In short, I have gotten stronger.

I wish I had some pithy words to spur you to greatness in tomorrow’s remaining Phase 1 workout. I wish I had some inspirational quote to get the blood going.

But I don’t. I’m tired. I slept terribly last night and I’m feeling overwhelmed by the thought I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow morning–on a SATURDAY–if I want to get my workout in before a road trip east of the mountains. I feel doughy, mostly because I caught up with old co-workers tonight and had a glass of red wine and a vodka soda and two slices of pizza. I’m frazzled because I’m typing this instead of finishing my nightly routine with some meditation and teeth-brushing.

Which is all to say, even though I – like you – am about to hit a huge accomplishment tomorrow in successfully getting through Phase 1, I just don’t have the energy to pat myself on the back. It’s all I can do to just get through to the next moment, even though the first thing I did this morning was conquer leg day.

(Correction: The first thing I did this morning was let my boyfriend back into the apartment building at 3:30 am after he locked himself out taking down the recycling after I’d gone to sleep, causing him to sit out in the cold for three hours. Thus my fatigue. And his.)

If I am proud of anything from today, it’s that I listened to my body and didn’t push the weights super heavy. When I got into the car to drive to the gym this morning, I twisted around in my seat to look behind me while backing up…and felt my lower back give a slight twinge. I wasn’t injured or hurt, but my back let me know first thing that some caution was warranted. So, I lightened up, especially on sumo squats and hip hinge.

And you know what my notes from today’s workout say about sumo squats, even though I lifted a lighter weight? “Good form; feels strong.”

Sweat, smile, repeat. That was pretty much my mantra for the workout. It will certainly be my mantra for tomorrow’s. Really, the only reason I’m even considering doing a workout after getting up at 4 am is because I know Cardio Flow will put me into a near trance-like state that makes it easier to get through the 30 minute workout.

Gar. This post is garbage, and for that I apologize. It’s just been one of those days and I need some sleep. We can’t all be perfect and I’m human. Besides, as I’ve said before, I’m shooting for progress, not perfection.

Here’s to finishing Phase 1 and to having enough energy to properly recognize the accomplishment tomorrow.

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