Phase 2, Day 27: Booty (aka Now the Fun Begins)

At last! A new workout scheme and regime to blog about!

Gone are the days when you could do your Booty workout from the comfort of your own home with nothing but your resistance loops and sweat for comfort. In the Phase 2 Booty workouts, you get to add in weights WITH the loops and you spend nowhere near as much time on the floor. Let’s go through the fun stuff.

Phase 2 has four series with three exercises each. Here’s how they shake out:

Series 1, Standing: Squat to Hinge, Curtsy Lunge Lift, Rotating Back Side Lunge.

Series 2, Quad Ped: Heel Press Up on Angle, Single-leg Hamstring Curl, Bear Fire Hydrant.

Series 3, Weighted: Kettlebell swings, Sumo Hinge, Reverse Lunge.

Series 4, Floor Weighted: Single-Leg Bridge, Press Up & Over, Camels.

In Week 1,  you go through all 12 moves for 15 reps each, then go back through and do it all again for 15 reps each (i.e. it’s 2 sets of 15 reps).

Fave Move: Curtsy Lunge Lift (I’m not crazy – more on why this is my fave after the break).

Least fave move: Bear Fire Hydrant (i.e. MY NEW NEMESIS). Here is what bear fire hydrant looks like:

Bear Fire Hydrant
The move is nowhere near as cute as it sounds

I hate this move because it makes everything burn while I wonder the whole time if I’m going to dislocate my elbow. You hold yourself up in bear, then lift your leg up in fire hydrant. Instead of cute peeing animals coming to mind while doing the move, all I can think about is how I want to rip the head off of one of those animals IF ONLY IT WILL STOP THE BURNING.

That said, here’s the one good thing about this move: You can do it. How do I know? Well, in Phase 1, you did bear every week in Cardio Flow. You know you can do those because you did a bazillion (a technical term) of them for the past 4 weeks. And, you know you can do fire hydrants, because you did them every week in AAA, when they sucked way more because you had to slowly bring the leg down for a three count. So what you should be telling yourself when your body starts to shake on the second rep is YOU CAN DO THIS because you have done BOTH moves before for a ton of reps, and now the only thing that has changed is you are doing them together…for half the amount of reps. That should remove any doubt as to your ability to complete the round.

This mindset leads neatly into an explanation for why curtsy lunge lift was my favorite today. Here’s the set-up: You hold the weight in, say, your right hand, at shoulder height; your left leg then reaches back into a curtsy lunge across and behind your right leg; then you straighten up, but instead of bringing your left back to the front, you lift it out to the side like you did with the leg press sides from Phase 1 in Booty.

My first time through 80 Day Obsession, I HATED this move. Hated it with a passion. It felt super awkward and my “lift” was more of a weak kick. To be honest, I expected to feel that weak when I did the move today, and I was prepared to hate every second of the exercise –I knew I could DO it, it’s just that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it.

I was wrong. To my surprise, my left leg went back and across the right without my right knee wobbling over my foot; when I rose up into the side lift, I felt strong and smooth and balanced; I wasn’t limply kicking my foot out, but rather, actually lifting it up in a controlled move.

I got stronger. And suddenly my nemesis wasn’t even an annoyance. It was a victory. I loaded up the weight on curtsy lunges in Phase 1, and double-looped it for those side lifts. I didn’t know it would help when I brought the two moves together this time around, but it did. Which means I wasn’t just doing the moves, I was KILLING them.

See, when I say that “the fun begins” in Phase 1, what I mean is that THIS is when you start to see progress. This is when you start to see how far you’ve come not only in strength and mindset, but also, if you’ve been following the timed nutrition, in physical results. This is when it all starts to come together. You build on the foundational moves you learned in Phase 1, and you add them together to work even more muscles at the same time, thereby torching even more calories in Phase 2. And while the exercises are harder, you also go into them KNOWING they are absolutely do-able. After all, you’ve done them each on their own. Now you’re just doing the moves together. Think about it: You’re essentially getting the two exercises done in half the time. It’s a twofer!

Because we will be doing so many more compound movements, the workouts get a lot more interesting. You will find some of the exercises use loops and weights, or sliders and weights, or even loops and weights AND sliders! For that reason…


Right around this time is when I ordered new loops while going through 80 Day Obsession the first time. Why? Because I found a tiny tear during a pre-workout inspection. With the amount the loops are used in Phase 2, there’s no way that loop would have made it without snapping on me, especially when doing side lunges with the damn things. (Have you seen how far the loop has to stretch when you use the loops for rotating back side lunge? Part of me wants to wear goggles just in case the loop does decide to snap.) Accept it. Even though the loops are high quality (believe me, I’ve tried others, and they are), the program uses them too much and with too much intensity for the loops to last the entire program. If yours do, great. But be prepared and order a new set so that WHEN your loop snaps, or you notice a tear, you can still go on with your workout for the day.

With that PSA out of the way, I do hope today gave you a taste of what’s to come. The moves speed up, get more complicated, and work a lot more muscles at once. But even with this added level of difficulty, the workouts remain the best of that Beachbody trait: Do-able.

If you have any questions after today, message me. Or, if you want to buy more loops, check out the link. Otherwise, kick some ass and enjoy the ride – it’s gonna be a good one.

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