Phase 2, Day 30: Legs (aka The Quick and the Dead)

I guarantee you have not done a leg workout like this before.

The good news is it flies by. The bad news is it burns like hell.

Five series, where you do x amount of reps of an exercise with weights, then immediately do the same exercise with  no weights on the sliders. Here’s what it looks like in Week one of Phase 2:

Series 1: Reverse Lunges with weights, then reverse slider lunges.

Series 2: Weighted Goblet Squat, then modified pistole on sliders.

Series 3: Single-arm weighted curtsy with weights, then curtsy sliders.

Series 4: Sumo Squat with weights, then sumo heel on sliders.

Series 5: Weighted Warrior 3, then hamstring curls on sliders.

In Week 1 of Phase 2, you do two sets of 15 reps.

I call this session the quick and the dead b/c it goes quick and your legs will be dead. Here’s what some stuff looks like:


In short, the workout gets the job done.

I don’t have a lot to add. I’m typing this from a different state and am contemplating how tomorrow’s workout will go when I have no fuel on-hand for my pre-workout meal. Two options: 1) Order room service and hope I don’t overeat; or, 2) walk the mile to the grocery store to buy what I need then walk back to a room with no microwave and hope for the best.

I’m sensing room service will win out.

More to come tomorrow. Not a lot on today’s workout because if you finished it, you should be feeling good. Tomorrow’s AAA will keep it interesting.

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