Phase 2, Day 33: Booty (aka Never Miss a Monday)

It’s not that I didn’t want to workout today. It’s moreso that my body is still in vacation mode, and taking a day off, like TRULY taking a day off from life and work and eating right, sounded right up my alley.

Truth be told, that probably would have happened had I not happened to check Autumn’s Instagram while lying in bed this morning. “Never miss a Monday,” she posted. Even though today didn’t feel like a Monday, even though I was still in the holiday zone, I rolled out of bed, ate my pre-workout meal, and got my ass to the gym.

It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done.

Booty. Boo-TAY. An almost hour-long workout this week doing the rep scheme I hate: Three sets of 10 reps, but where you go through the entire workout three times, doing each exercise for 10 reps. I hate it because it takes forever. The workouts don’t change, but that doesn’t make them easy.

Also, I can’t remember if I stressed this last week, but I do have a pro-tip for the Quad-Ped series.


It is very easy to do the quad ped exercises (heel press up on the angle, single-leg hamstring curl, and bear fire hydrant) WRONG. Why? Because if you let your knee drop when you fully extend your leg, you’re taking the movement out of your butt and into your quad.

As Autumn points out with a cast member, if you can’t keep your knee UP during these moves, you might have to lighten up on the resistance loop. That cast member, Jazmyne, is RIPPED. Seriously, she started 80 Day Obsession already shredded, yet somehow managed to carve her abs and triceps out even more over the course of the program. And, her ass is #buttgoals.

But despite her pre-conditioning, she struggled with the quad ped series because of her tight hip flexors. As a result, she eventually ended up not using a band at ALL for the heel press up on the angle and single-leg hamstring curl because she could not do either without keeping her knee up. What was most important was her form, and given how her body was wired, she could not keep perfect form and work the muscle that needed to be worked: Her glutes.

I am sharing this because if you are anything like me, you will be frustrated with the quad ped series. I alternate between wanting to challenge myself with a heavier resistance loop, and watching my form. My problem is that my back tends to arch, which means I feel it more in my lower back than in my butt. Case in point:

Heel Press Up on Angle
WAYYYY too much lower back action here.

You can see I put on a blue loop for this exercise. After I snapped this photo, for the next round, I swapped out the blue for the green and managed to tuck my tailbone and lose the arch.

My point being that this week will press some buttons. The rep scheme will feel wrong, you might not increase the weight as much as you like, and all of it tends to come to a head in a cloud of frustration that makes it hard to be motivated to workout. Honestly, the only thing that got me through today was Autumn’s mantra, which I HAPPENED to stumble across: “Never Miss a Monday.” That was the only thing that kept me going.

I knew that after the celebratory, holiday weekend I enjoyed in San Diego, I was in need of a good workout to get keyed back in to the 80 Day Obsession plan. AND, I knew that if I worked out, I would be more likely to get back on the timed nutrition trian.

For the most part, my morning workout set me on the path of eating right….Except for the fact that dinner at my Aunt’s house was moved to tonight. AND WHO CAN SAY NO TO HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY PIE. IT’S JUST RUDE.

However, I only had one slice. And I swapped out my hamburger bun for some bibb lettuce and only had one helping of everything, even though I desperately wanted a second half ear of corn. I’m typing this now feeling full, but not obscenely so – a marked change from what I usually experience most nights after family dinner. So, I suppose I will take it as a win and use the rest of the week to get back on the straight and narrow. But I am NOT going to punish myself and use my less-than-perfect day as an excuse to throw the rest of the meal plans out for the week and eat garbage instead. No. I’ll just eat better tomorrow than I did today. Progress not perfection. That’s all I can do.

At the very least, I got my Monday workout in. I pushed play and have now set the tone for the rest of the week. And that tone says I WILL work out according to schedule.

All because I didn’t miss a Monday.

So, don’t miss a Monday. For most of you, it’s not too late. But, if you’re really struggling, hit me up. I might be able to help. Or, check out the usual link for ways the Beachbody shenanigans could help you.

After all, even if you miss a Monday, it doesn’t mean you have to miss the next.


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