Phase 2, Day 39: Booty (aka I Can’t Feel My Legs)

If you’re wondering whether it’s normal for your legs to go numb during the first round of exercises in Booty this week….

Yes. Yes it is.

This week we enter my favorite rep scheme: Three sets of 10, where you go through each round for  three sets of 10, kill it, then move on to the next round.  This feels like the most efficient set-up to me. You get a good burn on, struggle, and then just when you think you can’t do another rep…move on to the next set of exercises.

The problem, however, is that in that first standing series (described better here), you are going to be a lot stronger. You are going to know you’re a lot stronger because you are going to try all three exercises (squat to hinge, cursty lunge lift, and rotating back side lunge) with a single loop and it will do nothing but roll up your legs to your hips. Like a belt.

Then, you are going to double-loop with a blue and a yellow, and the resistance will be mildly better, but still result in the damn things rolling up mid-thigh.

Then, finally, you’ll try a blue and a green; or better yet, a blue and a blue. And lo and behold, just like Baby Bear’s porridge, it’ll be jussssssst right.

Except the double loops will also proceed to cut into your thighs and slowly strangle the circulation to your legs.

That’s the one not-so-great thing about this workout: Assuming you are double-looping, you will literally lose feeling in your legs in that first set because you keep the loops on the ENTIRE time. And after you stretch those things out for the back side lunges, you’ll be in for some bruises.

Think of it as war paint. That fades over time. Into different shades of green and yellow. Like a putrid sunset. So pretty.

I’m struggling here, in case you can’t tell. I just don’t have much to share about this workout. You get in, get it done, get out. Case closed.

I don’t even have much to say about today’s picture except it looks as though I need to take the strain out of my neck:


Though I am pleased that the arch in my back is not so bad. I’m getting better!

Look, at the end of the day, this is Week 3. It feels long, and you’ll know the exercises. Maybe it all won’t feel so new and you won’t be as interested or as motivated to finish every rep. Maybe you’ll think you don’t have to bump up in weight because you already did so last week.


This is where you start to make it count. Phases 2 and 3 are where the shredding happens, but only if you push yourself. That means challenging yourself to focus on perfect form. That means challenging yourself with a heavy weight; one that you couldn’t lift for a single rep at the beginning of the program, but which now has you pumping out three sets of frickin 10.

Tomorrow, we are halfway through the program. YOU WILL HAVE MADE IT TO DAY 40. Think about that. When was the last time you worked out for 40 days in a row? When was the last time you stuck to a meal plan for 40 days in a row?

If you did both, what you are seeing in the mirror and how you are feeling will both have you so excited for what’s to come.

It gets so good. I promise.


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