Phase 2, Day 43: AAA (aka Fri-Yay)

AAA is the perfect Friday workout.

It gets a good sweat going, works all the muscles, and when you go to lift something heavy when you get home and find your arm shaking, you know it got the job done. You can then head into your weekend knowing that even if you slip up a little on nutrition, you worked hard enough on Friday that it shouldn’t matter. (At least, that’s what I tell myself.)

Case in point: I had to switch out my winter tires for “summer” tires today. Which required me lugging tires to and from my parents’ storage closet. While my Mom and Dad each carried one tire, I handled two; but during the interminable minutes when my father had to sort through the key ring looking for the right key without his glasses, I suddenly realized my arms were shaking, trembling with exertion from holding up two tires.

Instead of being pissed for feeling weak, I took it as a sign that I had a great workout. Because I did.

I felt strong and steady, even though my arm threatened to give out on the plank tricep kickbacks (hate that one). I even went up to 22.5 pound dumbbells on the renegade rows:

Renegade Rows
Strong but steady wins the race.

As per usual at this point in the phase, I don’t have a lot of wisdom to share. Today’s workout scheme was three sets of 10 reps, but where you do it all one series at a time. You know what it all looks like and what to expect.

That said, I do have one pro tip.


The exercise I’m talking about is Loops Scissor Twist, where you put a loop around your thighs, lie down on the ground on your back with your feet straight up in the air, then proceed to lower the right leg as you crunch up and twist to the left leg, which remains straight up in the air. Lower for a three count, then bring up in one; at which point you lower the left leg as you crunch up and twist to the right. Repeat for 10 reps.

I have struggled with this exercise because every time I’ve attempted it in Phase 2, the loops slide too far down my thighs to the point of being worthless.

Until today.

Today, I added a THIRD loop, so I was doing two blues and a green. My circulation, amazingly, was fine. But more importantly, this time when I lowered a leg down, the loops remained in place at that crucial spot about four inches above my knees, where I get the most resistance.

Frankly, the reason it took me so long to add a third loop was because it didn’t occur to me to do so until Autumn did so herself today in the workout. Something about doing more than two loops seems bizarre, like trying to lift with two dumbbells in your left hand but only one in the right. But it made sense today. And more importantly, it worked. I suspect I will really know it worked when I go to sneeze tomorrow and my abs let me know they are tired. Yay.

I’m keeping this short tonight because my arms are barking even just typing this. AAA got me good. Huzzah for Fri-Yay.

If you want to learn more or buy more loops, check out the link. Otherwise, cheers to the weekend!

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