Phase 2, Day 46: Cardio Core (aka The One With All the Sweat)

First, a visual from today’s workout:

Cardio Core
I’m not crying that’s just sweat in my eye

That was the end. Where I was littering drops of sweat in my area of the tennis court and couldn’t get the loops off my legs because my fingers were too slick with moisture to grab on to the rubber. I should look happy, I know. After all, it’s the last round of Cardio Core in Phase 2! Huzzah!

But honestly, this workout kicked my ass. Or maybe I kicked its ass which is why I was sweating so much. Either way, my pores opened like the Grand Coulee dam after a solid quake and it was all I could do to keep the puddles of sweat around me from growing into lakes.

The sweat fell so freely because at a certain point in this Cardio Core, I found myself embracing the hard and challenging to get just ONE MORE rep in before Autumn called time.

On the burpee push-ups, that meant trying to get at least 5 reps in.

On the stupid weird butt-kick-hop thingies, it meant going for at least 12 on each leg.

On the mountain climbers on the floor, I aimed to beat whatever number I got in the last round, which means I started at 44, then went to 45, then ended at 46.

Mission accomplished.

But just because I conquered the goals I set throughout the workout doesn’t mean the damn thing got any easier. Which is strange, I know. Just like checking boxes off your checklist, you’d think that meeting your fitness goals means that the workout gets easier to do.

It doesn’t.

Why is that? Repetition/practice in most things usually means you get better at a task that eventually feels easier. Practice typing and you become a fast typist. Practice reading and you become a speed reader. Practice shooting hoops and it gets easier to make a three-pointer.

But practice working out…there’s no corollary. Because the workout doesn’t get easier; you get stronger. Which means you have to push yourself to a whole new level to chase the burn.

That explains, I suppose, my face in the photo above. I just killed Cardio Core, yet I looked like I wanted to cry. Or throw up. And I think I actually wanted to do a little of both.

Did I feel good about finishing the workout? Absolutely. After I gathered my stuff up for the walk home. But in the immediate aftermath, I thought only about keeping down my pre-workout meal and wondering if the SPF in my moisturizer would leave weird stains on the tennis court concrete. It wasn’t until the sweat eased up and my breathing slowed that I appreciated what I did.

What was cool, though, was that others also noticed what I did, too.

To explain: See the people in the background of this photo?

Check out the audience in the background.

Those peeps were there to watch two co-workers? Friends? Cousins? (Honestly I couldn’t sort out the connection) battle it out on the tennis court. They came prepared too, with lawn chairs and coolers and hats of various shades. When the co-workers? Friends? Cousins? finished their match, everyone cracked open beer and wine coolers and toasted their…success.

This was right as I was finishing up, which meant I was hurrying to get off the court before anyone noticed the mess of sweat I left. However, as I was walking away, one of the guys in the lawn chair called out, “Hey! You’re working hard there, lady!”

I shrugged and gave a half-smile, “Gotta earn that beer!” I called back.

This led to an offer to partake in one of the cool bevvies they had in the cooler, but I had no interest in sharing alcohol with strangers as my sweat left weird butt stains on my tights, so I politely declined and walked home.

There was a time when I would have been flattered by the offer of the beer. But today, it was the observation of how hard I was working that made me proud.

If you have stuck with 80 Day Obsession this long, this is when others start noticing. They notice the effort you put in at the gym and the clothes that are starting to hang loosely and the increased focus you have in other aspects of life. They notice that you perhaps stand a little straighter or speak a little firmer or give your opinion more definitively.

80 Day Obsession will spill over into everything you do. You can’t help it. The same determination you showcase in eking out one more rep of burpee push-ups in Cardio Core will start to show up at work; at home; at school. That sweat you’re putting in? It’s changing not only your body but your mindset, your life.

You started a workout program. You’re getting a lifestyle makeover. Embrace it and enjoy it and let that sweat fall where it may.

And if you want more inspo or Beachbody goods, check out the usual link. Or email me for the goods.

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