Phase 2, Day 48: Legs (aka The One Where You Should Listen to Autumn)

Leg Day is a conundrum for me. There is no good area of my gym where I can go directly from weights to sliders without either running across the weight area to the tiled floor, or dragging all my weights into the mirrored exercise room to make the most of the hardwood. Either way, I’m dodging glares from the gym front desk as I use my sliders amongst the racks of protein powders and sports bras for sale, or transporting three to four sets of weights to a part of the gym they are (apparently) not supposed to go.

Which is probably why I chose to disregard Autumn’s advice today and lifted exactly what I did last week.

This week, the rep scheme is two sets of 15 reps, where you do each weighted exercise for 15 reps, then 15 reps on the sliders, then the weighted exercise again, then 15 sliders, then BAM you’re off to the next exercise. As I’ve blogged before, this workout goes quick, and today was no different.

But to help hustle my sweat sesh along, I got lazy: I opted to work out in the empty studio normally reserved for ZUMBA and Bodyweight Pump and other fun shit.  Which means I had to haul my weights in from across the gym for use. That is why I chose to lug only one set of weights: A pair of 25 pound dumbbells, which is what I lifted last week.

The very first thing Autumn will say to you today is you should NOT be lifting what you did last week; it should be at least a slightly lighter weight.

I disregarded her advice because I didn’t want to drag in another set of weights. And I thought I could handle the 25s.

I did, and I survived, but only because I put in a herculean effort to protecting my back. My body did NOT appreciate my jerry-rigged goblet squat, where I held the 25 pounders at shoulder height while squatting low. My legs were willing, but my back was about ready to give out.

Which means I spent most of the workout focused on keeping my abs tight, my butt tucked under me, and my back straight…..instead of putting the focus where it really mattered: On my legs. Had I been a little less lazy and a little more attentive, I would have brought in an extra set of weights to make the most out of the workout. As it is, I did get a lot out of the workout, just not what I was supposed to.

It is easy at this point to think that after 47 days, especially on your second time through 80 Day Obsession, that you know better than Autumn. After all, you’ve been doing the workouts and eating the food and seeing how both affect your body. Surely it doesn’t matter that you don’t decrease the weight like Autumn says, or have that extra piece of cake as a dirty yellow on Refeed Day.

Wrong on both counts. And as per usual, I learned both the hard way. Today, the weights reminded me to heed Autumn’s advice to ensure I’m lifting safely while still making progress.

As for the food, I’ve been weighing myself on a daily basis as I dip my toe into the nutrition regime that is 2B Mindset. I’m not a huge fan of the scale because it’s not really a part of my goals at the moment, but the tale it tells is illuminating.

You know how I suffer at my Aunt’s family dinners on Sunday because I can’t stop after just one helping or one scoop of ice cream? That translates into a four-pound swing on the scale. I’m at my lowest Saturday morning; by Sunday morning, after a leisurely night out where I stop paying attention to my portions, I’ve put on two pounds; by Monday morning, after Sunday dinner, I’ve put on another two pounds.

Granted, by the time Wednesday hits, I’m back to my usual weight. But still. Imagine the progress I’d be making if my body wasn’t constantly having to shed that excess. What would happen if I was more consistent and following the program 100% of the time, instead of the 95% I’m currently managing? Is that 5% truly worth it?

I don’t know. It tastes real good in the moment. But I usually feel so guilty after that it wipes away any lingering enjoyment. And then I spend the next 24 hours having a little psychosis where I imagine I can feel that Maggie Moon sasquatch ice cream expanding into a flabby tire around my stomach.

I guess the best advice I can offer is to listen to Autumn, but know your own weaknesses. For me, that means there’s no reason I should be lazy in the gym; there’s no excuse for not hauling over two to three sets of weights for use in the studio, even if it means death glares from wrathful trainers with mermaid hair. It maybe also means that if I can’t control myself with a treat, then perhaps I shouldn’t be eating the treat at all, or only enjoying a treat which can be enjoyed safely, in small portions, where there is no hope of seconds.

Above all, trust the process. It IS a process. The beauty is you don’t just do it once and then judge yourself based on that one performance. Instead, you get to do it over and over again and try and make progress with every rep.

Just make sure you’re using the right weight.

Usual stuff at the usual link. Ciao!


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