Get ready to love this workout.

AAA in Phase 3 is the right length, the right combo of moves, and comes with the right tag line: THERE’S AN EARTHQUAKE IN MY PANTS! Thank you, Autumn.

Let’s go through the logistics.

Three series, consisting of four exercises in each series. Of those four exercises, two work your upper body, one works your core, and one works your glutes. Here’s how it breaks down:

SERIES 1: Czech press, front raise, slider windshield wipers, and side lunge hold.

SERIES 2: Bridge pull over, camel bicep curl, weighted twisting roll down, and marching bridge.

SERIES 3: Bridge bilateral press, tricep kickback in lunge, weighted knee drops, and curtsy lunge pulse.

As with the usual AAA set-up, for all exercises EXCEPT the glute moves, you press up or contract for a three count, release in a one count.

For the glute moves, you do either a three-second isometric hold, or pulses on the slider. That is, for the side lunge hold, you lunge to the side…and hold it for three seconds. For the marching bridge, you bridge up on one leg….and hold it for three seconds.

But for the curtsy lunge pulses….you pulse for a three count then come up in a one count. This is the exercise you will hate.

BUT, that said, there is not an exercise here you will loathe. There’s no plank tricep kickbacks or lunging bicep curls or whatever else you dreaded in previous AAA workouts. Even those curtsy lunge pulses, while shit-tay, fly by and are not done with weight.

Even better, the workout will keep your attention because every move works a variety of different muscles. I mean, you can tell from the names: Camel Bicep Curl.

Camel Bicep Curl.
Yay summer! Yay shorts! Yay for 80 Day Obsession for making my legs look good in shorts!

Do a camel while doing a bicep curl at the same time. In so doing, you will work not only your biceps, but also your core, quads, butt and hamstrings.

Another example: Bridge Bilateral Press.

Bridge bilateral press
Good form.

Hold a bridge while you do chest press.

THIS exercise is about when Autumn squeals during the workout: “THERE’S AN EARTHQUAKE IN MY PANTS!”

She’s not wrong. Almost every exercise targets your glutes, even if it’s in a roundabout fashion. Series 2 sneaks up on your ass; you don’t realize how much glute work you get in until you’re on the last five reps of marching bridge and find your supporting leg shaking.

Which leads me to another pro tip.


Do not underestimate how much stronger you have become in the last 51 days.  As a result, even though you might have started out doing exercises with the yellow loop (the easiest one), believe it is time to upgrade to double loops. Even if it’s just a blue loop and a yellow. Push yourself. It is time. Plus, if you don’t double loop, that shit will roll. Trust that you have gotten stronger and that you are capable of at least double-looping, if only to ensure your loops stay in place.

I hope you enjoyed this workout as much as I did. I loved all the exercises, revelled in the fact that we didn’t have to do push-ups, and felt super strong. This AAA is a great start to Phase 3 because it reminds you of how far you’ve come. Yeah, you may have an earthquake in your pants, but believe you will still get that last rep in. Plus, how good does it feel to sweat? It’s summer! The heat is here and thanks to 80 Day Obsession, it’s time to enjoy shorts and tank tops – gotta show off all that lunge and shoulder work.

The only bad thing about today’s workout? It’s followed by Cardio Flow tomorrow. Yuck. But at least it’s only 4 reps. You’ll see. Autumn changes it up, thank God, otherwise I don’t think I could have handled 8 reps. The only reason I’m looking forward to Cardio Flow tomorrow night is it’s about to be 80+ degrees and I’m a walk up to that park and conquer that shit in the evening sun on my grassy knoll.

Shhh don’t tell. Summer in the PNW is the best kept secret.

I mean, it’s raining. All the time. Stay away.

Link to Beachbody products here. Any comments or thoughts about today’s program, let me know. Or, if you want to drop some knowledge bombs, those are welcome too.

Regardless, push play and slay today!

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