Phase 3, Day 55: Cardio Core (aka My Body Hurts)

Full disclosure: The full body pain stems not from Cardio Core, but rather from the soccer game I played in immediately after the workout.

Everything hurts right now. I took a header weird so I have a headache. My toenails are too long so my toes hurt. My lower back is sore from God only knows what. Probably throw-ins. Which would explain why my triceps and shoulders are also screaming.

Just about the only thing that feels okay are my fingers, but even they feel sausage-like as they plumb their way across the keys.

Truth be told, Cardio Core was the perfect workout to do before soccer. It got EVERYTHING warm, but without demoralizing me.

It’s the usual set-up: 30 seconds of some sort of jumping, followed by 30 seconds of a high intensity interval training move, such as step-throughs (you know, the move from Cardio Flow? Move #7?); repeat for three rounds, then do an ab exercise. Repeat for approximately 5 rounds, then go back through and do all the ab exercises in a row.

Forgive me, but I’m not gonna bother with naming the jumping and HIIT exercises. Just know that they are leg focused, but NOT as hard as it was in Round 2. That is, there’s no mountain climbers on the ground or high knees jump rope.

Even the ab exercises feel a little bit easier, though this is probably because every ab move is one you have done before. There’s the bottom leg swing-through on the sliders; there’s the mountain climbers with loops around the feet; there’s the circle over teasers with a french twist. And then there’s this lovely move. I don’t know it’s name; I only know the sound of the whimper I make as I try to get my feet above my head:

V Sit-ups?
I’ve come a long way since phase 1!

You do the V-up, then go down and pull your top leg into your chest:

Salute your shorts
Love that my default hand position appears to be THUMBS UP.

Your obliques burn, but not so bad that you want to cry or throw up or quit like you do in the first two Phases.

As a result, even though it’s not easy, you do come away from this workout feeling stronger. Which is probably the whole point. Autumn knows what she’s doing. And she doesn’t want to kill you before Booty day tomorrow, which, from memory, is literally a pain in the ass.

So that’s all for me. I’m going to contemplate taking a second epsom salt bath and scheduling a massage for tomorrow. Self-care, people. Self-care.

Here’s to finishing out Week 1 of Phase 3! Almost there!

Link to the Beachbody goods. Love!

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