Phase 3, Day 64: Cardio Flow (aka Screw the Video, Pump Up the Music)

PRO TIP #12: When fighting the drudgery that is Cardio Flow, swap the workout video for some great music and hit play.

I don’t know why it took me 144 days to figure this one out. By now, you know that Cardio Flow is my least favorite workout, especially in Phase 3. It seems to take forever and it’s boring. I also have a tendency to zone out and lose count, which is a pain in the ass.

But here’s the thing: We’re in the 11th week of this shit; you know the workout. You know that it’s four reps of each move and you have to build one on top of the other until you get to the frogs-to-mules, when you do everything altogether for another eight rounds. Even if you have trouble counting, like I sometimes do, you don’t need the video to tell you how to do the workout. You just have to keep track of the reps and the rounds.

So today I swapped Autumn and her workout cast for some workout tunes on Pandora…and life instantly got better. Whereas last week I hit a literal wall, this week I was pushing myself to finish a round before a song finished. While I still had to take a mini-break after four rounds of all the exercises, that’s way better than what I did last week, when I was requiring a break every two rounds.

All in all, I felt stronger. More importantly, I wasn’t bored. And, I was motivated to not only finish the workout, but kill the workout.

I’m proud to say I did. Check out this form:

Mule to Frog
Maybe the best Mule to Frog I’ve ever done, and I got it on tape!

I even got some hang time.

As you can see, if last week was the perfect storm for almost failing, this week was the perfect recipe for success: Blue skies, great tunes, and soft grass that didn’t leave me with blisters.

Your take-away: There are ways to spice up 80 Day Obsession, even when you’ve done everything more than once.

Pretty sure I can’t say much more given the above. That pic alone is worth a thousand words.

Enjoy the Fourth of July, and good luck managing the beer and BBQs while sticking to the timed nutrition! I’m heading to a Mariners game where my boyfriend’s employer has rented out Edgar’s Cantina and guaranteed each attendee two drink tickets. I’m still deciding how to structure my eating, and am coming close to settling on making two yellows tomorrow…two beers. Though I’m waiting to make it a game time decision as I’m not really looking to drink at the moment. Not like I’m avoiding it, but I just don’t need to do it to have a good time, and I feel pretty damn good when I don’t.

So tomorrow will be a good example of working the 80 Day Obsession meal plan into real life. Really, if I can avoid the excess sugar and garlic fries, it’ll be a win. I’ll keep you posted.

Link to the usual goods. Happy 4th!

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