Phase 3, Day 70: Cardio Flow (aka Thank God This is the Last One. Kinda)

Today’s Cardio Flow followed last week’s set-up where I opted for music instead of the workout video, hoping for extra inspiration.

It worked. Kinda. I wasn’t excited to do the workout, but I got it done. I also managed to keep track of the count, which is always a win. Plus, since I was working out outside, I didn’t care that sweat got all over. Which it did:


PRO TIP #64: If you get sore knees, don’t do Cardio Flow on concrete.

I never remember how sore the concrete leaves my joints until I sit for awhile after having done Cardio Flow earlier in the day and then go to stand up; my knees literally CRRRREAK from the effort and feel as though it’s bone on bone. The next day, when I go to squat in the warm up (Y to T – WHY DO I DO THIS?!), my knees are still screaming at me, and it takes a solid first round with weights to chase the stiffness away.

To avoid moving like an old lady the day after Cardio Flow, make sure you’re doing the workout either on a rubber floor, or wood, or grass, or carpet. Something, anything, that is more forgiving than concrete. Your body will thank you.

Another body part that did not thank me today is my hands. In addition to giving me sore knees, it also seems as though the repeated inch worms on concrete gave me blisters on my palms. I shit you not. It’s all I can do to not pick at the dead skin instead of writing this blog.

For those of you who are dreading that final round of Cardio Flow during peak week, I’m gonna go ahead and let you know what to expect.


Next week, you don’t have to build the exercises one on top of the other. Thank god. Instead, you start out doing all 10 exercises in a row from the very start. Then, as Autumn puts it, you just “go for broke” and see how many rounds you can complete in 30 minutes. I think it evens out to about 10 or 12 rounds.

I much prefer this set-up because it cuts down on the worms, which I find get boring after awhile. You just GO right from the start and push yourself. It’s a good close to a workout I will probably be swapping out in the future for a different cardio routine when I tackle 80 Day Obsession again.

Not much to write about this time because I didn’t stick with the video. But I closed out Day 70.

Hope you are seeing great results and looking forward to slaying leg day tomorrow!

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