PEAK WEEK, Day 79: Cardio Core from Phase 2 (aka The One Where You’ll Have Nothing Left in the Tank)

This is the face of Day 79 of 80 Day Obsession:

Epsom Salt
Gimme all the epsom salt baths.

It’s not pretty. (Also, side note, apparently you can drink epsom salt? I thought it was only ever used for baths and melting snow on driveways. Or wait. That’s rock salt. Still. Who wants to drink epsom salt?)

I wish I could tell you I was motivated to kill this Cardio Core workout. I wish I could tell you my legs were fresh and my head was in the right place and I used every jump to get a little bit higher and every push-up to get a little bit lower.

Guys. I just can’t. It was a miracle I finished the damn thing.

I am feeling Day 79. For the first time in a long while, my legs were cinder blocks. They STILL haven’t recovered from this week’s Leg Day. What saved me today was the fact that the Cardio Core workout is from Phase 2, which, while challenging, is also entirely do-able, even in my weakened state.

Don’t get me wrong. I completed the workout. I did every jump rope move and every HIIT exercise and every gut-crunching core routine. I did it because I knew I could.

Did I require maybe an extra second or two to start jumping so I could wipe the sweat from my eyes? Absolutely. But I still started. And I still finished.

Truth be told, the workout left me tired, but succeeded in loosening up my sore hammies – I sat for too long today.

But then I went and played soccer.

Bad idea.

I played terribly. If I had nothing in the tank for Cardio Core, by the time I got to the soccer field, the fuel gauge had broken and I was heading towards a  tree because the brakes no longer worked. I am lucky I didn’t hurt myself. My limbs were at that super bendy/Gumby-like stage where you can tell an injury is just waiting to happen if you over-extend your leg or kick the ball at an awkward angle. I’d go into a run for the ball and reach for that next great to turn the run into a sprint, and….nothing. The motor didn’t even gutter once in an attempt to shift up. It just kept tumbling along, doing 15 on the freeway.

Afterwards, I called my boyfriend and left a rambling voicemail that warned him I would likely be on the kitchen floor when he got home, still wearing my soccer clothes, with multiple tupperwares of cold food scattered on the linoleum around me because I was too tired to stand up and heat my food and eat it with a spoon at the table like a civilized human being.

As it was, I immediately started the water running for a bath when I got home, knowing the threat of wasting water by falling asleep on the kitchen floor would keep me from falling asleep on the kitchen floor.

It worked.

My point is, I’m tired and I’m relieved it’s Day 79. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s workout so I can be DONE. I am ready to put this second round of 80 Day Obsession in the books and take a week off to do yoga and not worry about when I should be eating that lone blue container.

But my relief to be finished should not be confused with any sort of disappointment in the program or my results. Really, I know my tank is empty because I’ve done a shitty job the past few weeks getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and it’s catching up with me. This second round of 80 Day Obsession has still done its job. I actually have a booty and abs and if I work up the courage, maybe I’ll post a progress photo tomorrow to prove it. I am in the best shape of my LIFE, and my confidence is through the roof. I feel so good about me and what I can accomplish and what I HAVE accomplished. It’s not easy. It never is and it never will be.

Life is never gonna roll over and play perfect with your goals. Oh, you want to start an 80 day workout program? Great, we’ll just keep all crises on the back burner until Day 81. There will always be some weeks where you work 60 hours and another where you’re sick and a time where your better half lands in the hospital. Life won’t take a break just because you’re trying to be your best self. If anything, it might even double-down with the challenges and really force you to PROVE you want this despite all the obstacles thrown in your way.

I am aware of the Negative Nancy tone of my last few posts. I could have exchanged those vibes for some saccharine sweet chill, but that would have been neither fair nor authentic. It would be unfair to you, dear Reader, to think I am not affected by the daily highs and lows of life and the effect that rollercoaster can have on your mindset. But even while on that rollercoaster, I still pushed play. I still got my workout in and I still stuck to the timed nutrition. I may not have been smiling the whole time, but I did it.

And I guarantee you I will be smiling tomorrow. How can I not? Not only will I have finished 80 Day Obsession for the second time, but I will have also accomplished my goal of live-blogging my journey. Given every other blog I have ever started usually flamed out after the first month, I’m pleasantly surprised at my consistency. YOU’RE WELCOME!

But seriously, the fact that I did stick with the blog says more about 80 Day Obsession and how it can change your mindset – and your life – if you let it. If you follow the program and put in the work and just put one foot in front of the other to keep going, you’ll end the program a different, stronger person than when you started.

So tonight, enjoy that Epsom salt bath. And know that even though your tank might be empty, your cup still runneth over.

Check out the link for more workout inspo, or email me with questions.



Phase 3, Days 72 & 73: Total Body Core and Cardio Core, respectively (aka I pull a Double Day)

The morning after my last post, I awoke nauseous. My stomach churned, my mouth watered, and I seriously considered kicking my boyfriend awake to demand he drag a trash can to my bedside in case I threw up.

If you remember, my last post focused almost exclusively on all the vomit-worthy occasions scattered throughout the Leg Day workout. Unfortunately, it seems the nausea was not limited to the exercise.

Also, I should back up a step. I was nauseous the entire day of my last post. After doing Leg Day in the morning and fighting back the vomit the entire time, I got home at 6:45 pm after a full day of work and crawled into bed, crashing into a deep sleep. I awoke at 8:45 pm, blogged, made myself eat something, and slept for another 12 hours.

Safe to say my body was fighting something. Probably food poisoning from the meats I dragged across the State.

My point being, I didn’t work out yesterday. And while it caused me some anxiety because it threw off my schedule, I know that I was truly not well because my worry was not deeply rooted. Instead of spiraling me into a deep depression that made me doubt whether I would finish this second round of 80 Day Obsession, the missed workout was merely a gnat to be brushed from the shoulder and forgotten in lieu of getting my health back and getting back on schedule.

Which is why I pulled a Double Day today.

Oh Double Days. Where you cram two workouts into a single day and hope for the best.

In college, these Double Days were notorious. They usually hit right at the beginning of the “official” start to basketball season, and then also at Christmas upon return from our 2-3 day break. My coach liked to use Double Days as a “motivator”; after a particularly gruesome loss to University of Nevada at Reno my freshman year, a game which we should have easily won, my coach promised we would return from Christmas break to Double Days, and warned us to not enjoy ourselves too much over the holiday lest we throw up Christmas ham all over the gym floor.

She wasn’t kidding.

I caught a 5 am flight out of Seattle on December 26th so I could make an 11 am practice in Moraga, California later in the day; after three hours on the court, we took a break, ate, lifted some weights…and came back at 7 pm for another 2 hours.

Surprisingly, my team wasn’t very good in college. Fear is simply not that great a motivator when it comes to collegiate athletics.

But I digress.

The point is, I knew today I had to pull a Double Day. Thankfully, I could not have picked two better workouts: Total Body Core and Cardio Core.

Total Body Core this week consists of two sets of 15 reps, where you do each series at a time for the 2 x 15 rep scheme before moving on to the next series.

I will warn you now: You will hear a lot of complaints from the cast both before and during this workout, and these complaints will mirror your own thoughts: Why are there so many GD pushups? Who made up this Turkish get-up move from hell? How the F can we do 15 reps of tricep push-ups after EVERYTHING ELSE in the workout??

I took comfort in these complaints because they told me I was not alone.

That said, the only way I was able to complete this workout is because I was finally able to take my own advice: LIGHTEN UP.

Seriously. Had I gone for broke and tried do lift the same weights I did last week, the workout probably would have been too hard, and I probably would have quit; ESPECIALLY in light of the fact I knew I was gonna have to fit two workouts into the day.

While part of me was disappointed that I was lifting the same weight I did when I started Phase 3, the larger part of me told that little voice to SHUT UP and do what I needed to do to get the job done. Because I just didn’t have it. I could feel it. Even if I had wanted to increase the weights, I’m not sure I could have. Whether I was still fighting the stomach issues or was affected by not eating as much as I normally do the day before, my energy and strength were not at full power. I was operating at about 80%.

Which worked, but not for an increase in weights. Here’s me praying to a higher power mid-workout:

The Day After Sickness
I needed all the help I could get.

Regardless, I got the workout DONE.

Then I went home, showered, packed my meals for the day, and got myself to work.

I left at 5 pm to return home and pack what I needed for the gym AND my soccer game.

Yes. Today was not only a Double Day; today was really a TRIPLE DAY.

I love Cardio Core because you can push yourself to whatever limit you’re at for the day. My limit today was shorter than normal: I had to take a few moments after jumping to clear the air with some burps, otherwise I was gonna throw up my pre-workout meal (I was still fighting some nausea, apparently). But even with those throat-clearing breaths, I still got a great workout. I just did what I needed to do to finish the workout before I had to leave for soccer.

I don’t have many notes to add about Cardio Core because the workout remains unchanged from what you faced in Week 1 of Phase 3. All I will say is that even though it was my second workout of the day, I felt strong enough to start the ab exercises even when Autumn was still pulling up her loops or joking with the cast. I was on a deadline, after all – I had to get to my soccer game on time!

So it was after Cardio Core that I proceeded to Perrigo Field to sweat it out for 90 minutes in the dying of the light with my soccer team.

These summer night on the soccer pitch are what I live for. This is why I signed up in the first place. When it’s 80 degrees out with a slight breeze and the sun lights up the sky until 10 o’clock at night. I live for that shit.

Which is all to say, I felt pretty good playing soccer, if only because I made sure I didn’t stop sweating.


I knew the instant I stopped sweating I would be on a one-way ticket to Cramp Town. That’s my tell. When, despite the heat, my body stops producing moisture and my shirt dries. I know at that point that I’m in trouble and am probably about to crash.

Tonight, however, I had the foresight to pack a banana and pick up a Gatorade at the gym. While I’m not a fan of sports drinks, by the time the final whistle blew, I was out of both water and my blue Gatorade…and I was still sweating. Mission accomplished.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a victory beer-and-a-half with my teammates at a local pub, got a burger wrapped in lettuce with a side salad, and then drove home to an epsom salt bath which had been thoughtfully drawn by my better half.

Which is all to say, you CAN do Double Days; you can even do Triple Days. But you have to plan for it. You have to eat right and stay hydrated and schedule your activities accordingly.

But assuming you tick all the boxes, you can get back on track even after a sick day.

For more info on the usual Beachbody shenanigans, check out the link. Otherwise, message me with any questions about Double Days or your own sick days, and how to handle them.

Knowing when to take a day off is tough, especially in the midst of a regimented workout like 80 Day Obsession. But knowing you can keep going, even in the face of something that feels like a huge set-back, is just another part of making this 80 day program a lifestyle.

If you ran into your own obstacles following the program, I hope you conquered them. And if you are having issues, hit me up. You’re not alone.

Yours in Doubles and Triples,


Phase 3, Day 67: Cardio Core (aka WEAR SUNSCREEN)

As previously blogged, Lake Chelan is my happy place.

It is also the place of some truly epic, terrible sunburns.

When I was in 8th grade, I decided to disregard my mother’s advice to a) avoid the sun, and b) WEAR SUNSCREEN, and instead laid out for three hours wearing nothing but…baby oil.

I’m cringing as I write this. As I do, the scars on my chest from my blistering sunburn tingle just a bit to remind me of my stupidity.

You would think that with that disaster under my belt, I would have learned my lesson.

You would think.

I worked out today at about 10 am. Here was my set-up:

Note the blue sky and utter lack of shade.

My philosophy is that if I am working out in the sun before 11 am or after 4:30 pm, the only part of my body I really need to ensure has sunscreen is my face and perhaps the top of my shoulders.

Rarely, if ever, do I pay attention to my legs. My thinking is that they spend most of the time under me and therefore don’t get too much sun exposure.

Today’s workout was Cardio Core. It’s the same workout you did last week and the week before that. It’s 30 seconds of some sort of jumping exercise, followed by 30 seconds of a high intensity interval training (“HIIT”) move; repeat for a total of 3 rounds (i.e. 3 minutes total), then do an ab exercise.

Here’s some of the HIIT moves: Saddle jumps, where your legs are in sumo squat position and you jump; burpee popcorn (or whatever it’s called), where you do a half burpee and then pop up into a squat; and step-throughs, your good ol’ friend from Cardio Flow.

Think about your leg position for all of these moves; instead of your legs churning the ground directly beneath you, somewhat sheltered from the sun by the shade of your upper body, your legs are instead either out to the side of you or out straight behind you.

Now think through the ab exercises: Every one of them has your legs stretched out either in front of you or behind you.

My point is, there’s a lot more leg exposure in these workouts than you realize. Which in turn means there’s more sun exposure.

Which means this is the current color of my legs:

Sun Burn
The fingerprint is to demonstrate the redness. Whoops.

I am a grown ass woman who has suffered some horrific sunburns, and yet I STILL allow shit like this to happen. WTF is wrong with me?? I KNOW I can’t go out into the sun unprotected and yet I STILL do it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the very definition of insanity.

If I sound perplexed it’s because this is not the only area in my life where I struggle to learn from my past mistakes; the other, most obviously, is staying consistent with workout out and eating right. Inevitably, I hit a wall or something happens and I go three or four months without breaking a sweat which enjoying every crumb and cookie along the way. For example, last year I felt GREAT after completing Hammer and Chisel, then multiple rounds of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Then I started Tony Horton’s P90X3 (or whatever it’s called where you work out in 30 minutes and do a shit ton of pushups and pullups) the same week as Labor Day when my boyfriend and I went to visit some good friends in Bend, Oregon, for beer, wine, fried food, and giggles. After the weekend, the only thing consistent for the next few months, until I started 80 Day Obsession on January 15, 2018, was the beer, wine, fried food, and giggles.

So it worries me when I have an incident like today. What guarantee do I have that I won’t fall off on the wagon in the future? All I had to do today was WEAR SUNSCREEN, something that I know is for my own good. But I still didn’t.

How do I know that as good as I feel right now, working out and eating right, I won’t have a weekend down the road that completely throws off my game and sets me back a week? A month? A YEAR? (YES, after studying for (and passing!) the Bar, I didn’t work out for two years. I don’t know what happened. I don’t have an explanation. I think the Bar simply broke something inside of me and it took that long to heal.)

I guess the short answer is: I don’t have an answer. As much as I try to prepare for those Doomsday moments, I don’t really know what will happen until they occur.

If I had one piece of advice for myself, it would be this: Don’t focus on making it up the mountain; just focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on the here and now and what you need to do TODAY to overcome your obstacle and get back on track.

For me, I think that will mean simply choosing a workout and DOING it. Even if it’s just yoga or something where I stare at Chalean’s ridiculous thigh-high workout boots (yes that’s a thing, I’m not making it up). If I move my body, the eating right will follow because it is a LOT harder to want to put french fries in your body after a good sweat sesh.

Don’t focus on the war, just the battle.

So I guess tomorrow it means my workout will be happening closer to 9 am IN THE SHADE, and I will be covering myself up with sunscreen AND a towel when I head up-lake on a friend’s boat.

I suppose even an old dog learns new tricks. Or can remember old tricks. Who knows. Just keep learning, damn it.

Check out the usual link for more program info, and above all, PLEASE, WEAR SUNSCREEN.


Phase 3, Day 61: Cardio Core (aka Screw the Workout, Let’s Talk About Self Care)

Here’s what you need to know about today’s workout: It’s just like last week’s.


With that out of the way, let’s talk about self care.

SELF CARE: noun; the act of caring for one’s self. Dictionary of the FitLuddy.

Sounds easy, right? Usually, self care boils down to the simple maxim of DON’T DIE during the day. You know, look both ways before you cross the street; don’t lick the wet paint; don’t pet the rabid bear. Things like that.

But in 80 Day Obsession, “self care” takes on a whole new meaning. After 61 days of HARD workouts, what are you doing to make sure your body can make it to the end?

Have you gotten a massage? Taken an epsom salt bath? Treated yourself to something nice?

If you aren’t taking the time to care for yourself, then you’re not getting the most out of this program.

Case in point: I did Cardio Core tonight then went to soccer. I scored! But I was also sore as f*ck when I got home. Even though we are in the middle of PROJECT GUT OUR RENTAL, I drew myself a bath, ladled in the epsom salt and baking soda, and soaked for 12 minutes. I’m busy and our apartment is in shambles, but I knew if I didn’t make time for this soak, I would be of no use tomorrow. With that said, this next pro tip draws on my OWN experience (I am NOT a doctor, so take it with a grain of [epsom] salt).

PRO TIP #456: To get the most out of an epsom salt bath, pour at least 1.5-2 cups of that shit in, followed by at least a 1/2 cup of baking soda, then soak for no more than 12-15 minutes; ideally, closer to 12.

My understanding is that you can actually soak too long, at which point, all the toxins that have been drawn out into the water by the epsom salt actually start to be reabsorbed by your body if you linger in the dirty water. So get the F out and move on to the next area of self care: MASSAGE.


Gentle reader. If you have gone this far through 80 Day Obsession without getting a massage, you are not truly living life. Seriously. I know how you feel. Your muscles are in knots; some days you can barely move; and if you don’t stretch in the morning, your hammies feel at least a half foot shorter than they did the night before.

Do yourself a favor and get a massage. Work that shit out. Get loosened up. It will help. Just make sure you don’t do the massage BEFORE the workout. Massage should be done AFTER, when you have nothing left to do for the day but maybe eat a good meal, watch some baseball or a movie, and drink a shit ton of water.

PRO TIP #458: If you get a massage, you need to be drinking at least 125% of your water intake immediately after.

Massage will loosen everything up, and in so doing, flood you bloodstream with a shit ton of crap that’s been released from your muscles. You need to flush your system. Drinking more water than normal will ensure you do. After a massage, your water bottle should be glued to your hand. Pound that shit and ask for seconds.


For once, I’m not talking to the 25-year old me who didn’t know that more than 2 Long Island Ice Teas were never a good idea.

No, I’m talking about knowing yourself and your body well enough at this point to know WHAT you have to do, WHEN. For me, this meant getting food at the pub after our soccer game tonight instead of waiting until I got home.

To explain: After our victory, a few of us went out for celebratory drinks at a local pub. I didn’t plan for this, but I figured that with all the sweating I did (it’s humid AF at the moment), a beer was exactly what I needed, and would take the place of the yellow I needed to consume before day’s end. But then I was left with the dilemma: Do I wait to eat until I get home so I can mix up a shake with spinach and Shakeology, or do I find something somewhat fix-approved on the menu to make sure I don’t crash?

I sat down in the pub and my stomach answered the question for me: FOOD. NOW.

Sure, I could have pushed it and waited an hour until I got home. But I would have been miserable and not enjoyed my time with my teammates. After the Cardio Core and the 90 minute soccer game, my body was close to shutting down; I was at my limit.

So I ordered a steak salad, picked out the largest chunks of the blue cheese, and enjoyed myself.

Sometimes, it’s just not worth being perfect if it means you’ll turn into a monster. I came home and had the energy to take a bath, shower, stretch, and now blog for you wonderful people. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Self care will help you make it through all 80 days when your body might otherwise quit. And taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. If anything, it’s a huge benefit to those around you. After all, if you’re not taking the steps necessary to be your best self, then you’re robbing others of the ability to benefit from you being your best self.

Take the time and make the self care count. It will pay dividends, I promise.

If you want more info about programs that might help with self care, such as a plethora of yoga options, check out the usual link.

Otherwise, get some sleep and prep for the million lunges we’ll be doing for Booty day tomorrow.


Phase 3, Day 55: Cardio Core (aka My Body Hurts)

Full disclosure: The full body pain stems not from Cardio Core, but rather from the soccer game I played in immediately after the workout.

Everything hurts right now. I took a header weird so I have a headache. My toenails are too long so my toes hurt. My lower back is sore from God only knows what. Probably throw-ins. Which would explain why my triceps and shoulders are also screaming.

Just about the only thing that feels okay are my fingers, but even they feel sausage-like as they plumb their way across the keys.

Truth be told, Cardio Core was the perfect workout to do before soccer. It got EVERYTHING warm, but without demoralizing me.

It’s the usual set-up: 30 seconds of some sort of jumping, followed by 30 seconds of a high intensity interval training move, such as step-throughs (you know, the move from Cardio Flow? Move #7?); repeat for three rounds, then do an ab exercise. Repeat for approximately 5 rounds, then go back through and do all the ab exercises in a row.

Forgive me, but I’m not gonna bother with naming the jumping and HIIT exercises. Just know that they are leg focused, but NOT as hard as it was in Round 2. That is, there’s no mountain climbers on the ground or high knees jump rope.

Even the ab exercises feel a little bit easier, though this is probably because every ab move is one you have done before. There’s the bottom leg swing-through on the sliders; there’s the mountain climbers with loops around the feet; there’s the circle over teasers with a french twist. And then there’s this lovely move. I don’t know it’s name; I only know the sound of the whimper I make as I try to get my feet above my head:

V Sit-ups?
I’ve come a long way since phase 1!

You do the V-up, then go down and pull your top leg into your chest:

Salute your shorts
Love that my default hand position appears to be THUMBS UP.

Your obliques burn, but not so bad that you want to cry or throw up or quit like you do in the first two Phases.

As a result, even though it’s not easy, you do come away from this workout feeling stronger. Which is probably the whole point. Autumn knows what she’s doing. And she doesn’t want to kill you before Booty day tomorrow, which, from memory, is literally a pain in the ass.

So that’s all for me. I’m going to contemplate taking a second epsom salt bath and scheduling a massage for tomorrow. Self-care, people. Self-care.

Here’s to finishing out Week 1 of Phase 3! Almost there!

Link to the Beachbody goods. Love!

Phase 2, Day 46: Cardio Core (aka The One With All the Sweat)

First, a visual from today’s workout:

Cardio Core
I’m not crying that’s just sweat in my eye

That was the end. Where I was littering drops of sweat in my area of the tennis court and couldn’t get the loops off my legs because my fingers were too slick with moisture to grab on to the rubber. I should look happy, I know. After all, it’s the last round of Cardio Core in Phase 2! Huzzah!

But honestly, this workout kicked my ass. Or maybe I kicked its ass which is why I was sweating so much. Either way, my pores opened like the Grand Coulee dam after a solid quake and it was all I could do to keep the puddles of sweat around me from growing into lakes.

The sweat fell so freely because at a certain point in this Cardio Core, I found myself embracing the hard and challenging to get just ONE MORE rep in before Autumn called time.

On the burpee push-ups, that meant trying to get at least 5 reps in.

On the stupid weird butt-kick-hop thingies, it meant going for at least 12 on each leg.

On the mountain climbers on the floor, I aimed to beat whatever number I got in the last round, which means I started at 44, then went to 45, then ended at 46.

Mission accomplished.

But just because I conquered the goals I set throughout the workout doesn’t mean the damn thing got any easier. Which is strange, I know. Just like checking boxes off your checklist, you’d think that meeting your fitness goals means that the workout gets easier to do.

It doesn’t.

Why is that? Repetition/practice in most things usually means you get better at a task that eventually feels easier. Practice typing and you become a fast typist. Practice reading and you become a speed reader. Practice shooting hoops and it gets easier to make a three-pointer.

But practice working out…there’s no corollary. Because the workout doesn’t get easier; you get stronger. Which means you have to push yourself to a whole new level to chase the burn.

That explains, I suppose, my face in the photo above. I just killed Cardio Core, yet I looked like I wanted to cry. Or throw up. And I think I actually wanted to do a little of both.

Did I feel good about finishing the workout? Absolutely. After I gathered my stuff up for the walk home. But in the immediate aftermath, I thought only about keeping down my pre-workout meal and wondering if the SPF in my moisturizer would leave weird stains on the tennis court concrete. It wasn’t until the sweat eased up and my breathing slowed that I appreciated what I did.

What was cool, though, was that others also noticed what I did, too.

To explain: See the people in the background of this photo?

Check out the audience in the background.

Those peeps were there to watch two co-workers? Friends? Cousins? (Honestly I couldn’t sort out the connection) battle it out on the tennis court. They came prepared too, with lawn chairs and coolers and hats of various shades. When the co-workers? Friends? Cousins? finished their match, everyone cracked open beer and wine coolers and toasted their…success.

This was right as I was finishing up, which meant I was hurrying to get off the court before anyone noticed the mess of sweat I left. However, as I was walking away, one of the guys in the lawn chair called out, “Hey! You’re working hard there, lady!”

I shrugged and gave a half-smile, “Gotta earn that beer!” I called back.

This led to an offer to partake in one of the cool bevvies they had in the cooler, but I had no interest in sharing alcohol with strangers as my sweat left weird butt stains on my tights, so I politely declined and walked home.

There was a time when I would have been flattered by the offer of the beer. But today, it was the observation of how hard I was working that made me proud.

If you have stuck with 80 Day Obsession this long, this is when others start noticing. They notice the effort you put in at the gym and the clothes that are starting to hang loosely and the increased focus you have in other aspects of life. They notice that you perhaps stand a little straighter or speak a little firmer or give your opinion more definitively.

80 Day Obsession will spill over into everything you do. You can’t help it. The same determination you showcase in eking out one more rep of burpee push-ups in Cardio Core will start to show up at work; at home; at school. That sweat you’re putting in? It’s changing not only your body but your mindset, your life.

You started a workout program. You’re getting a lifestyle makeover. Embrace it and enjoy it and let that sweat fall where it may.

And if you want more inspo or Beachbody goods, check out the usual link. Or email me for the goods.

Phase 2, Day 34: Cardio Core (aka the Day Before Refeed Day)

Mood today:

Cardio Core done.
Moody AF.

The pic pretty much says it all.

Today wasn’t easy for me. I’m running low on sleep from the holiday weekend, I’m eating cobbled together meals that consist pretty much entirely of chicken breast, cucumbers, and Ezekiel’s Toast, and I keep banging my elbows on shit, like my body is too fatigued to retain any semblance of muscle control.

My alarm went off at 6 am. I rolled over, reset it to 8, and adapted my day to plan for an evening workout.

Pretty much the only thing that got me to the gym was my Energize. It gave me the clean boost of energy that I needed to put one foot in front of the other and press play.

I have nothing new to share about Cardio Core as the workout remains the same from last week. As with previous iterations about Cardio Core, the only thing I like about this workout is it allows me to zone out, push myself, and occasionally fight down the last meal I ate. In other words, I kinda just stare straight ahead, try to do one more rep than last time, and hope for the best.

Besides, the exciting thing about today is not Cardio Core, it’s the fact that this is the DAY BEFORE REFEED DAY! Which I’m not doing this time around. But if you are doing 80 Day Obsession for the first time, you ABSOLUTELY should be doing Refeed Day, if only because you can finally have chocolate and other “dirty yellows.”

To succeed on Refeed Day, you need to have a plan. That is, you need to know what dirty yellows you are going to eat, and when. If you leave this organization to the last minute, you are going to end up scarfing down an entire bag of potato chips and thereby miss the whole point of the replenishing glycogen stuff. My lack of a plan is how I ended up in donut hell, blacking out at mid-day and shoving an entire week’s worth of dirty yellows into a single sitting filled with maple bars.

Okay okay, it wasn’t that bad. But you get the picture. It could have been better.

Regardless, just as with your workouts, monitor how you feel with Refeed Day. Do you find that you feel good? Bad? Indifferent? If you end the day with a searing headache, chances are you overdid it on the sugar (just like me). In which case, change up the dirty yellows next time and go for something cleaner.

But if you somehow hit that magic combo of clean dirty yellows that both satisfies your sweet tooths while not spiking your blood sugar to abnormal heights, then ride that wave, note what you did, and repeat the next time around.

Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to use tomorrow as a free-for-all. There is a time and a place for that, and it is after you finish 80 Day Obsession. It is not in the middle of Phase 2. Think of it this way: Now, at this point in time, you are in the midst of seeing what exactly your body can accomplish when it is fed properly and moved regularly. Don’t you want to see what happens when you maximize your results?

80 Days. That’s all this is. Stick it out for 80 Days and make the most of it. I guarantee if you can stick to this mindset, you will not only be successful during the program, but you will have also instilled a lifestyle change that will carry you on into the foreseeable future.

That’s all I got, I’m afraid. Carry on and enjoy those dirty yellows. And as per usual, check out the link if you want more Beachbody info.