Phase 3, Days 72 & 73: Total Body Core and Cardio Core, respectively (aka I pull a Double Day)

The morning after my last post, I awoke nauseous. My stomach churned, my mouth watered, and I seriously considered kicking my boyfriend awake to demand he drag a trash can to my bedside in case I threw up.

If you remember, my last post focused almost exclusively on all the vomit-worthy occasions scattered throughout the Leg Day workout. Unfortunately, it seems the nausea was not limited to the exercise.

Also, I should back up a step. I was nauseous the entire day of my last post. After doing Leg Day in the morning and fighting back the vomit the entire time, I got home at 6:45 pm after a full day of work and crawled into bed, crashing into a deep sleep. I awoke at 8:45 pm, blogged, made myself eat something, and slept for another 12 hours.

Safe to say my body was fighting something. Probably food poisoning from the meats I dragged across the State.

My point being, I didn’t work out yesterday. And while it caused me some anxiety because it threw off my schedule, I know that I was truly not well because my worry was not deeply rooted. Instead of spiraling me into a deep depression that made me doubt whether I would finish this second round of 80 Day Obsession, the missed workout was merely a gnat to be brushed from the shoulder and forgotten in lieu of getting my health back and getting back on schedule.

Which is why I pulled a Double Day today.

Oh Double Days. Where you cram two workouts into a single day and hope for the best.

In college, these Double Days were notorious. They usually hit right at the beginning of the “official” start to basketball season, and then also at Christmas upon return from our 2-3 day break. My coach liked to use Double Days as a “motivator”; after a particularly gruesome loss to University of Nevada at Reno my freshman year, a game which we should have easily won, my coach promised we would return from Christmas break to Double Days, and warned us to not enjoy ourselves too much over the holiday lest we throw up Christmas ham all over the gym floor.

She wasn’t kidding.

I caught a 5 am flight out of Seattle on December 26th so I could make an 11 am practice in Moraga, California later in the day; after three hours on the court, we took a break, ate, lifted some weights…and came back at 7 pm for another 2 hours.

Surprisingly, my team wasn’t very good in college. Fear is simply not that great a motivator when it comes to collegiate athletics.

But I digress.

The point is, I knew today I had to pull a Double Day. Thankfully, I could not have picked two better workouts: Total Body Core and Cardio Core.

Total Body Core this week consists of two sets of 15 reps, where you do each series at a time for the 2 x 15 rep scheme before moving on to the next series.

I will warn you now: You will hear a lot of complaints from the cast both before and during this workout, and these complaints will mirror your own thoughts: Why are there so many GD pushups? Who made up this Turkish get-up move from hell? How the F can we do 15 reps of tricep push-ups after EVERYTHING ELSE in the workout??

I took comfort in these complaints because they told me I was not alone.

That said, the only way I was able to complete this workout is because I was finally able to take my own advice: LIGHTEN UP.

Seriously. Had I gone for broke and tried do lift the same weights I did last week, the workout probably would have been too hard, and I probably would have quit; ESPECIALLY in light of the fact I knew I was gonna have to fit two workouts into the day.

While part of me was disappointed that I was lifting the same weight I did when I started Phase 3, the larger part of me told that little voice to SHUT UP and do what I needed to do to get the job done. Because I just didn’t have it. I could feel it. Even if I had wanted to increase the weights, I’m not sure I could have. Whether I was still fighting the stomach issues or was affected by not eating as much as I normally do the day before, my energy and strength were not at full power. I was operating at about 80%.

Which worked, but not for an increase in weights. Here’s me praying to a higher power mid-workout:

The Day After Sickness
I needed all the help I could get.

Regardless, I got the workout DONE.

Then I went home, showered, packed my meals for the day, and got myself to work.

I left at 5 pm to return home and pack what I needed for the gym AND my soccer game.

Yes. Today was not only a Double Day; today was really a TRIPLE DAY.

I love Cardio Core because you can push yourself to whatever limit you’re at for the day. My limit today was shorter than normal: I had to take a few moments after jumping to clear the air with some burps, otherwise I was gonna throw up my pre-workout meal (I was still fighting some nausea, apparently). But even with those throat-clearing breaths, I still got a great workout. I just did what I needed to do to finish the workout before I had to leave for soccer.

I don’t have many notes to add about Cardio Core because the workout remains unchanged from what you faced in Week 1 of Phase 3. All I will say is that even though it was my second workout of the day, I felt strong enough to start the ab exercises even when Autumn was still pulling up her loops or joking with the cast. I was on a deadline, after all – I had to get to my soccer game on time!

So it was after Cardio Core that I proceeded to Perrigo Field to sweat it out for 90 minutes in the dying of the light with my soccer team.

These summer night on the soccer pitch are what I live for. This is why I signed up in the first place. When it’s 80 degrees out with a slight breeze and the sun lights up the sky until 10 o’clock at night. I live for that shit.

Which is all to say, I felt pretty good playing soccer, if only because I made sure I didn’t stop sweating.


I knew the instant I stopped sweating I would be on a one-way ticket to Cramp Town. That’s my tell. When, despite the heat, my body stops producing moisture and my shirt dries. I know at that point that I’m in trouble and am probably about to crash.

Tonight, however, I had the foresight to pack a banana and pick up a Gatorade at the gym. While I’m not a fan of sports drinks, by the time the final whistle blew, I was out of both water and my blue Gatorade…and I was still sweating. Mission accomplished.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a victory beer-and-a-half with my teammates at a local pub, got a burger wrapped in lettuce with a side salad, and then drove home to an epsom salt bath which had been thoughtfully drawn by my better half.

Which is all to say, you CAN do Double Days; you can even do Triple Days. But you have to plan for it. You have to eat right and stay hydrated and schedule your activities accordingly.

But assuming you tick all the boxes, you can get back on track even after a sick day.

For more info on the usual Beachbody shenanigans, check out the link. Otherwise, message me with any questions about Double Days or your own sick days, and how to handle them.

Knowing when to take a day off is tough, especially in the midst of a regimented workout like 80 Day Obsession. But knowing you can keep going, even in the face of something that feels like a huge set-back, is just another part of making this 80 day program a lifestyle.

If you ran into your own obstacles following the program, I hope you conquered them. And if you are having issues, hit me up. You’re not alone.

Yours in Doubles and Triples,


Phase 2, Day 40: Cardio Core (aka You’re Halfway There!)

It may not feel like it, but you’re halfway there!

Today is Day 40. You will have just done Cardio Core for the seventh time. You have seven more weeks to go. Take a moment and realize what you have accomplished: 40 straight days of hardcore workouts and eating right. Even if you were a college athlete, it’s doubtful you ate as well or worked out as hard as you have these past few weeks. It’s been hard and challenging and a shit-ton of sweat, but it’s been worth it. You’re seeing results. You’re loving how you’re feeling, and you’re excited to conquer the last 40 days.

But there’s also this little niggle of fear in the back of your mind: What will you do after these 80 days are over? What do you do next? Can you keep this success up after that 80th workout?

Yes. Yes you can.

I am proof you can. But the key is, you have to have a plan. Just like how in 80 Day Obsession you’ve been planning out your meals and workout schedule, you’re gonna have to plan now what to do after 80 Day Obsession ends. Because you are not going to want it to end: How good you feel, how small your pants are, how you like looking in the mirror. You are going to want to keep that going for as long as possible, and to do that, you are going to have to continue your commitment to healthy eating and exercise.

I am bringing this up NOW to help you address that niggle of fear; so you can fight the start of that anxiety by knowing what you are going to do next. For me, I knew that after I finished 80 Day Obsession….I wanted to do it again. I wanted to keep the streak alive. So I took a week off, did some yoga, let my body recover, loosened the reins on the eating….and then dove back in. It wasn’t hard to do so because I had a plan. And after 80 Day Obsession, I had the discipline to follow through.

That said, even though I decided to do 80 Day Obsession for a second round, that doesn’t mean the workouts have gotten any easier. Case in point, today’s Cardio Core workout. You’d think it’d get easier. You’d think you wouldn’t sweat as much. You’d think you wouldn’t be shaking by the last core exercise. After all, how many times have you done the damn thing?

Wrong on all counts.


Today was a beautiful day in the pacific Northwest, so I took the workout outside:


Gotta love the view. Of the city, I mean. Not my sweaty ass.

Picture this scene: A foursome engages in a friendly tennis match in the warm evening air. Suddenly, the thump of their tennis balls is interrupted by the scratch of sliders on concrete, and the grunt of a dying animal. All heads whip to the far corner of the tennis court, where a lone girl twirls an invisible jump rope, occasionally hitting the ground for pushups and some sort of exercise with loops.

They realize it’s not a dying animal but her, and go back to their game.

That was pretty much my workout. It was under a beautiful blue sky at the perfect temperature…and it still wasn’t easy. I still needed the towel I remembered at the last moment. And I still was gasping for breath.

But I pushed through. I went for that extra rep and extra height and extra jump. Which is probably why there was extra sweat.

My point is, the workout doesn’t get easier, but like Autumn says, you get stronger. It gets easier to FIGHT; easier to push yourself; easier to get a good sweat on. More than the changes you are seeing in the mirror or on the scale, these are the changes that matter most, because they will stick with you for long after this program ends.

So, as you build that mental fortitude, savor the fact that you are halfway there. You’re doing it!

Also take the time to look back and really think about what has worked for you these last 40 days. Are you doing well working out at home? Are the times you’re working out the most conducive to getting it done? Have you had trouble sticking to the timed nutrition? When have you had the most trouble?

Reflect. Now’s the time to make adjustments to really set yourself up for success in the last half of the program.

At the very least, I hope you are now feeling confident to take that workout outside and maybe do a few exercises with your shirt off.

Just remember to put on the sunscreen!

If you’re looking for inspiration after that 80th day, hit me up. Or check out the usual link to see what else Beachbody has to offer.