Phase 1, Day 21: Total Body Core (aka I Can’t Fix My Hair)

Bet you thought I forgot about this, huh?

If you were one of my zillions of followers (read: 25), you might have tuned in last night expecting yet another daily post chronicling my second journey through 80 Day Obsession. In which case, you would have been sorely disappointed with yesterday’s blog…because there wasn’t one.

Thank god.

As seems to be the usual, I ate WAYYYY too much at my Aunt’s house last night for Sunday/Mother’s Day dinner and when I got home the only thing I wanted to do was lose myself in “The Office” and weep silent tears of shame.

See? Despite my best efforts, I have bad days too.

Regardless, I realized that if I blogged yesterday, I would be off on today’s schedule in terms of the day count, and we simply can’t have that. So I took the night off and now here we are.

Frankly, I could have used another day off, because after today’s workout, I can barely type this.

Here’s the deal with today’s Total Body Core workout. You go in thinking, “ya know, I’ve done this all before, BORING! It’s old hat. Let’s move on.” But then you realize that you should really push yourself, especially since Autumn has you going through each series of exercises for two sets of 15 reps at a time, which means you can absolutely burn out the muscle before moving on. So you check you tracker sheets and see if you can lift last week’s 10 rep weight for 15 reps.

Which means, friends, that by the end of the second series of exercises, you can’t even lift your hand to push your hair out of your face.

No joke, today’s exercise got me. I had to push pause and catch my breath and get my arms to stop shaking. Here’s me doing the C curve extension with surprisingly good form given my fatigue:

Weighted C Curve with Bicep Extension
So hard.

Full disclosure: My form is that good because this is me using a lighter weight at the end of the workout to do a single rep for the photo op. (The things I do for you guys!)

However, even with the wobbles and the panting and the sweat, I was stoked to see how much stronger I was compared to Week 1. For almost every single exercise, I was lifting more weights in this week’s Total Body Core than I did when I started. And, because of my tracker sheets, I was able to actually appreciate this progress because I could see it – it was right there on the page in front of me.

I could also feel it. As I’m typing this, I feel compelled to tell you that I made the conscious decision to move my hair-washing to tomorrow morning because I’m fairly certain I can’t lift my hands higher than shoulder-height for more than 2 seconds at a time at the moment. I am hoping to recover enough to actually shampoo and condition in the shower tomorrow, but things aren’t looking too promising at the moment.

Regardless, my progress is marked by my tracker sheets, my tired muscles, and also my clothes–four weeks into 80 Day Obsession my first time through, my clothes fit me as well as shapeless burlap sacks.

Which brings me to yet another pro tip for 80 Day Obsession, because I know I will not be alone in this clothes phenomenon.


This was a big one for me. As I’ve previously explained, in my family, we are cake people. You make it another year to your birthday, you get cake. You get a job promotion, you get cake. You finish school, you get cake. Thus, like Pavlov’s dog, whenever my life is marked by accomplishment, my salivary glands start watering for–you guessed it–cake. Which would be fine if I was capable of eating only one piece. But I’m not. It’s either all or nothing. And on 80 Day Obsession, following this meal plan as well as I want to, it HAS to be nothing.

So when I was reaching the end of Phase 1 my first time through 80 Day Obsession, along with an overwhelming sense of pride, I also started to feel an all-consuming need for cake. Or some other home baked good to earmark my progress. I figured out pretty quickly that if I didn’t find a substitute for cake, I was going to have an issue.

My solution? New workout gear.

If you are reading this and if you have been following the program and avoiding my own pitfalls of struggling with Sunday dinners with the fam, then at this point, you will have noticed that your clothes are fitting differently. Maybe your pants are looser or your bra cups are emptier. Either way, what will be frustrating is that these ill-fitting clothes will not be adequately showing off all the hard work you’ve been putting in for the past 4 WEEKS.

Which means you need to TREAT YO’SELF. Be it to a new sports bra or new jeans or a new top, buy yourself something nice. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even clothes. But it should be something you can’t eat and which makes you feel good about yourself.

Full disclosure: As a result of this TREAT YO’SELF mentality, I developed an obsession with Autumn’s fave athleisure wear, Lorna Jane. Apologies in advance for getting you hooked. I get paid nothing for writing about this. I’m simply a huge fan, mostly because it was while buying a Lorna Jane sports bra that I had the sales lady look at me like I’d grown a third head when I said I needed a large; “Honey,” she corrected me, “you will need, at most, a small.” And, whelp, she was right.

So plan NOW. Plan on buying something nice for yourself on Saturday afternoon, after you have that warm, sweaty glow from completing Cardio Flow. Show yourself some appreciation for FINISHING Phase 1 that has nothing to do with food. Get used to rewarding yourself with something other than calories.

This has been a hard habit for me to break, and it’s one I still am working on. But I took my first step during 80 Day Obsession, and though I slip up from time-to-time, I haven’t looked back.

If you need ideas on what to get yourself, I’m all ears. Or, wanna let me know what you went with? Drop me a line. Either way, I hope you push hard through this last week and make it count.

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